Going Bankrupt – A Street-level View of Greece’s Austerity Measures [Slideshow]

Athens, Greece – As Greece finishes out its fifth year in the financial crisis, evidence of the troika’s failed austerity measures is everywhere. With news of continued mass layoffs, bankruptcies, and growing levels of poverty, it’s obvious to anyone walking these streets that things here will only get worse. I have come to Athens to get a street-level view of the effects the austerity measures have had on the country.

greek-economic-crisisI am staying in Palaio Faliro, a wealthy suburb of Athens. Since arriving a week ago, two stores in our neighborhood have already been boarded up and the windows soaped over. Seeing these changes prompted me to grab my camera and take a brief two-mile stroll down Poseidon Avenue to document just how many Greek businesses have gone bankrupt.

Below you can see images of the stores that have been closed. Most of the signs read, ‘Enoikiazeta’, which means ‘For Rent’.


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  • kara

    interesting photos, how depressing…